H2SITE was born as a spin-off from two research and development centers: TECNALIA, the largest private research center in Southern Europe, specialized in membranes and material sciences, and the Eindhoven University of Technology (TUe), focused on process intensification.

Both centers had collaborated for over a decade, securing more than 70 million euros through various EU funding schemes, to develop the integrated membrane reactor concept. By combining highly H2-selective membranes and a specific reactor design, they increased the efficiency of specific reactions by shifting the thermodynamic equilibrium. Following the successful construction of the first prototypes, the technology was poised to enter a new stage towards industrialization.

Incorporated in 2019, H2SITE raised its Series Seed with ENGIE New Ventures in 2020 to establish production facilities and commence commercialization of integrated membrane reactors and separators.

In 2022, the company received additional support from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, ENGIE New Ventures and Equinor ventures to further scale the technology and demonstrate its efficiency in the most suitable market segments.

Since then, H2SITE has produced thousands of membranes at its production facility based in Bilbao. These membranes are utilized in integrated membrane reactors and separators, serving as steppingstones for the company to address strategic market opportunities such as onboard ammonia crackers for maritime decarbonization, large-scale stationary ammonia crackers, integrated water gas shift reactors, high-pressure separators (80 bar), low-pressure separators (12 bar), covering applications ranging from tens of kilograms per day to tons per day.